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My professional career has been spent in software development and management positions in the telecommunications industry and I am currently employed by Communications Data Group as their CIO. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many great people in the construction of complex systems, which has made the various professional positions I have held both satisfying and enjoyable.    

What I discovered during a family vacation was that I very much enjoyed photography.  Specifically the process of trying to visualize a place and time and capture it in an authentic and compelling fashion.  Once this epiphany occurred I read books on photographic technique. I also spent time reviewing the work of others to gain a sense of what was possible and to get ideas on places my family and I would enjoy visiting. I then began planning many of my vacations and trips around places of photographic interest. 

I believe I have become more accomplished in my photographic pursuits mostly through practice and failure.  You have to practice to become good at something and failure teaches you more than success in my experience.  I have found the entire process of becoming more proficient as a photographer personally beneficial to me in the following ways.

1. It has made me more patient.
2. It has enabled me to more fully appreciate the beauty around me.
3. It has led me to many interesting and beautfiul locations.
4. It has provided me with a visual record of my family's experiences.

Since most of the things I photograph are on trips with my family it has been important for me to perform research to maximize the time available for me to pursue my photographic interests on these trips.  The opportunity to view the work of others has been invaluable in my planning efforts.  That is one of the reasons I have constructed this site, so that others might benefit from it.  Whether you are someone performing research or you just appreciate the work of others I hope you enjoy the photographs on this site.


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